E-Book: How You Can Profitably Enter the US Market 10 Legal Myths Debunked

Many mid-size European companies who do business internationally still hesitate to approach the US market. We have found that their reasons are often based on misconceptions and untruths.

As a business leader in Europe, perhaps you are concerned that the costs of setting up a US company are prohibitive, that the threat of a lawsuit could bankrupt you, or that finding trustworthy partners is impossible.

But by avoiding the US market, your company may be limiting its opportunities for growth and leaving on the table a significant source of revenue, especially if your competitors are becoming truly global by including the US in their footprint.

With these myths debunked you will see that:

  • forming a US entity is rapid and inexpensive

  • simple planning steps can reduce or eliminate the risk of lawsuits

  • your intellectual property can be optimally protected

  • you can find the right trusted partners that will help you profitably enter the US market


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