Most young lawyers have little or no training or experience when it comes to managing others. In fact, they frequently have no guidance on how to manage themselves in a new and ever-changing world called the practice of law.

While law firms often provide instruction on substantive laws and procedures, few provide young lawyers with training on the “best practices” of management that are required for them to be the best lawyers they can be.

I have been a law clerk, an Associate, a Partner, a Department Chair and a Managing Partner. I have been in law firms ranging in size from two to 10,000 lawyers. I also have co-owned my own law firm — a cutting-edge technology law firm that employed almost 80 lawyers.

I have seen it all, learned from some of the best, and mentored young attorneys who would become superstars. Now, based on my decades of experience and insights, I have created a much-needed four-part program: “BE THE BEST LAWYER YOU CAN BE!™

Through my approach, young lawyers learn “best practices” within a 360 degree model:

  • How to manage up -- managing partners and other senior attorneys making assignments
  • How to manage down -- managing more junior lawyers, paralegals and support staff
  • How to manage out -- cultivating and managing the attorney-client relationship
  • And, most importantly, how to manage in – which means managing yourself

Each segment begins with a detailed presentation of “best practices.” The participants are then provided with a hypothetical set of facts so they can go into breakout rooms to discuss how the “best practices” should be followed with the hypothetical. At the conclusion, each group will report their proposed courses of action.

Participants will leave with takeaway materials, and new practical knowledge and insights that will help them to be the best lawyers they can be.

Marc's 'Be The Best Lawyer You Can Be' has already changed the way in which I practice law and helps me to stay ahead! Following Marc's best practices, I am much better in managing all aspects of my practice, both internally with colleagues and externally with clients. The program was interesting and fun, and the interactive use of hypotheticals near the end of the sessions helped to tie the best practices together. Highly recommended!

Julio M

'Be The Best Lawyer You Can Be' provides a great perspective on how to succeed at a law firm, drawn from Marc’s vast experience. Associates will walk away with really practical tips that they can apply right away!

Stephanie K

I found 'Be The Best Lawyer You Can Be' very helpful. Marc's lessons are universally important, so you can take the information wherever your career may lead.

Carly F

Marc's 'Be The Best Lawyer You Can Be' program is a great reminder of what it takes to be an excellent attorney and gold star colleague. The program was interactive and fun, and Marc provided thoughtful hypotheticals and real-time feedback to drive home each method. Highly recommend!

Nike A

Executive Coach Marc Friedman, NYC, New York, New Jersey

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