Managing Your Career

Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reach Your Potential

Emerson was observing that everyone needs a mentor to fulfill their potential. Unfortunately, however, you may be unable to find a mentor who has the time, willingness, and patience to boost you up. Or, you may already have a mentor, but he or she is not helping you to do what you are capable of.

The Best Fit

Or, perhaps, your current position is holding you back from fulfilling your potential. Marc can help you to decide whether to stay in your current position or to move elsewhere. And if you choose to move, Marc can provide valuable advice on how to market yourself and find additional opportunities where you can achieve your potential as well as enjoy greater happiness and gratification.

The MasterMethod™

Through the MasterMethod™, Marc will provide you with the coaching you need to reach your career potential. This may involve learning how to be more effective in the workplace, how to be recognized as a credible leader or manager, and how to be viewed as a valuable asset to your business or organization.


I needed help in managing my career in education and was fortunate to find Marc. As a resulting of his coaching I have been able to move up the ladder and now have an extremely gratifying and rewarding senior position. He prepared me well for my interviews. I would recommend Marc to anyone who needs a strategist to help advance their career.

Frank A.

Marc's coaching was immensely valuable when I wanted to change jobs. He was able to quickly focus on my achievements and strengths. Marc then helped me create a strategy and plan, which included a strong cover letter and resume to be sent to an identifiable group of prospective employers. I am grateful for his help.

Edward D.

With Marc's great coaching and sound career advice, I was able to move from one firm to another where I have flourished. He helped me focus on what is important and he made sure I kept my eye on the ball with my career and, especially, business development. I will definitely seek his coaching as I continue to move my career forward. Outside accountability and a voice outside your firm are key.

Andrew H.

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client of executive coach marc friedman
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client of executive coach marc friedman