Marc Friedman is a unique executive coach and entrepreneur, drawing upon his 45 years as a lawyer and businessman.



Marc’s personalized, “hands-on” coaching has helped his clients fulfill their potential.

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Marc focuses on the following key areas
  • 1
    Managing Your Career

    Marc acts as a mentor to help clients fulfill their potential. In doing so, his unique method gives the guidance necessary to make goals a reality.

  • 2
    Develop your Leadership and Management Skills

    Leadership is not a title. It is the product of a positive impact and ability to inspire employees.

  • 3
    Become a Rainmaker

    To be an effective rainmaker, you must have a personal marketing plan and the drive to execute that plan. This is critical for ongoing motivation and consistency.

  • 4
    Resolving Workplace Problems

    At the company level, internal conflicts greatly impact employee fulfillment and motivation. This results in a decline of overall productivity and ultimately profitability.

  • 5
    Improve Your Presentation Skills

    The fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias for business professionals. This fear can range from small internal meetings to large public speaking engagements.

  • 6
    The MasterMethod™

    The MasterMethod™ is a proven multi-step coaching method and algorithm developed by Marc. For each coachee, this plan is customized around the individual.


Trusted by clients around the world

What clients are saying about coaching from Marc
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman

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