Develop your Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership is not about a title. It is defined by actions with positive intentions

What is Leadership?

Leadership is not about a title. It is about having a positive impact on your colleagues and being able to inspire them to be the best they can be. If you do this, the mantle of leadership will follow.

Success as a Leader

Because of his experience as a law firm leader, a successful entrepreneur and a coach, Marc can help you to understand how to gain the confidence of your workplace colleagues and how to be recognized as a leader. He can also coach you on how to manage those who report to you so that they can be the best they can be.

Respect the Position

A critical feature of sound management is how to treat others to build up their self-esteem and not demoralize them even when they make mistakes. One of Marc's former employees stated, “Marc was the best partner I ever worked for. He set the bar higher than any other partner did, but he helped me to get over it!”. Marc brings these leadership and management practices to his coaching. As a result, his clients have become better managers, and some have ascended to positions of leadership.


I have a small professional services firm which needs strong leadership and sound management. I reached out to Marc for his leadership and management coaching, and it was a great choice. Through our sessions, and especially with Marc's penetrating questions, I am able to focus on how to better lead and manage our firm and its people. Marc's own leadership and management experiences give him a unique ability to help me to develop the skills my firm will need as we grow.

Agatha K.

I have become a much more effective Leader and Manager as a result of Marc's coaching and insights drawn from his experiences. I really appreciate his coaching style and the highly personalized sessions that we have. I know he really cares about me. It is also helpful to have someone outside my firm who I can confide in and who can guide me on issues I am experiencing in my office. I look forward to a long relationship with him.

Carlos B.

Marc provided invaluable guidance to me which fostered the growth of my small business, including a successful restructuring. His hands-on approach, informed by years of relevant experience, was empowering and a game changer for me. He is trusted partner I continue to rely upon to assist me through the many challenges I face as a small business owner. I highly recommend Marc if you need experienced guidance in growing your company and/or assessing any of the many issues a small business owner must deal with.

Colleen M.

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