Resolving Workplace Problems

A problem is a chance to do your best.

- Duke Ellington

The Right Mix

Many different problems exist in the workplace. At the company level, a business may have the wrong mix of employees or the right employees doing the wrong jobs. There may be too many employees or not enough. And the lines of business or services offered by the company or organization may be too restrictive to be profitable or perhaps too numerous.

Increase Productivity and Profitability

As a result of his experience as a businessman-entrepreneur, Marc can help an SME or professional services firm assess whether changes need to be made to increase profitability. This may involve realigning the workforce or practice areas, or even tightening up back office procedures, which Marc has done successfully for several small law firms and businesses. This includes addressing specific individual behavior types that negatively affect team dynamics.

Take the Next Step

Key issues often include inability to get along with others, distrusting co-workers, workplace abuse, and inappropriate behavior. Marc has successfully coached several clients who have experienced these problems. As an example, Marc coached an IT manager at a financial services firm who was able to effectively resolve these issues and promoted to Director of IT for the whole company.


A year ago I was working all day and night to just keep my head above water, unable to focus on the steps necessary to both work at my highest and best use and improve my work/life balance. When given the opportunity to engage a coach, I chose Marc for the breadth of his experience – both in his legal career and his coaching career. Marc was instrumental in developing a plan to reach my goals, holding me accountable along the way and guiding me to success. Having put in the groundwork, I can now make more valuable contributions in the workplace while spending more quality time outside the office. I value my coaching experience with Marc and wholeheartedly recommend him to others struggling with similar workplace issues.

Barbara K.

I could confide in Marc, who I trusted, in a way I could not with others. With Marc's able hands-on coaching I was able to significantly improve my workplace skills which has helped me to be a more effective advisor to my clients and a more valuable colleague to my office associates. This will have a long-lasting positive effect for my career.

Alice G.

I hired Marc to help bring clarity and focus towards my career advancement and compensation efforts at a cutting edge financial services firm. With his advice and support, I was able to get the promotion to Managing Director. Additionally, he has helped me navigate interpersonal relationships at the office and in my personal life, and I have found his counsel to be invaluable. I highly recommend working with Marc and leveraging his vast experience and knowledge!

Eli L.

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