Improve Your Presentation Skills

Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

presentation skills
A Common Fear

Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias. For many, it is even worse than the fear of death. And this phobia can extend not only to a large public presentation but to a small office meeting where a presentation is required.

Learn from a Global Presenter

Marc was formally a successful trial and appellate lawyer. In addition, he has delivered dozens of public presentations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to audiences ranging from a handful of people to several thousand.

The Seven Steps to Success

Marc also is a presentation coach, and he has developed a program called “Seven Steps to a Successful and Spellbinding Speech” that helps presenters to be the best speakers they can be.
Marc coaches speakers by first explaining the Seven Steps and illustrating how the Seven Steps work. He then video records the coachee giving a 10-minute presentation that he and the client will study in detail, almost frame-by-frame, to identify areas that need improvement. Then there will be a second video-recorded presentation which Marc and the coachee will analyze together to assess the progress. In every case, Marc and the coachee saw significant improvement from the first presentation to the next one as the speaker's presentation skills rapidly improved.


I was fortunate to work closely with Marc to improve my presentation skills. He has enormous presentation expertise and experience that he brought to his coaching of me. After spending a session learning about how to be a more effective speaker and how to connect with my audience, I gave a presentation that was videorecorded and we studied it in detail to identify how I could improve. This included studying my posture, my facial expressions, use of my hands, my language and my inflection - the whole picture. I then repeated the presentation which improved dramatically. Marc's hands-on presentation coaching was superb.

Allan D.

I had to give a presentation that would determine if I became a partner. I worked with Marc to improve my presentation skills and, as a result, I succeeded. Marc has vast public speaking and presentation experience, and he coached me on how to be an effective speaker. I then did a mock presentation that was video recorded so we could see in detail, almost frame-by-frame, what needed improvement. It was an eye-opener for me. We then repeated and video recorded the presentation which was very much improved. I was extremely impressed with Marc's presentation coaching and recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills.

Robert H.

I have seen Marc give presentations to many different American and European audiences. I am amazed with his skills as a presenter and the ways in which he is able to communicate and connect with his audiences. I have also observed Marc's extraordinary teaching ability. Because of these experiences and his successful career as a trial lawyer, Marc is a terrific presentation and public speaking coach. I highly recommend him to anyone from any country or culture who wants to be a more effective presenter and public speaker.

Sophie L.

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client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman
client of executive coach marc friedman