Executive Coach Marc Friedman, NYC, New York, New Jersey

Marc Friedman is a former Partner in Dentons, the #1 Global law firm. In addition to his 45 year law practice, including as a law firm Managing Partner and Practice Leader, Marc has provided executive coaching and strategic counseling to a wide range of people in positions of influence to help them achieve their potential, and acts as a sounding board as they progress with their growth plans.  His insights derive from having “walked the walk” and years of coaching experience and additional training. Marc’s goal is to help each client develop an individualized growth and personal and business development plans that capitalize on the client’s strengths and to remain at his client’s side until he or she succeeds.

His clients have a variety of backgrounds, including accountants, physicians, lawyers (partners and associates), IT professionals, business owners, financial advisors, entrepreneurs, public educators, law enforcement officials, and others.  He has helped clients in many different areas,  including learning to lead, manage and mentor; career advancement; organizational skills; marketing and business development; client relations; and various workplace challenges.

Marc is also an acclaimed business development coach. In this area, Marc works with his clients to understand their strengths and create a business development plan tailored to them. Marc then works with these clients at a very granular level to plan and often role-play business development meetings and conversations to maximize the chances of obtaining new business from existing clients and potential clients.

Marc has coached clients on public speaking and allied presentation skills and has published articles on the subject. His clients, including lawyers and people in business, became much better speakers/presenters as a result.

Marc is also comfortable in many different cultures. He has traveled to over 40 countries, has lectured on five continents and served as the President of an international technology organization.

Marc Friedman’s Professional Recognition


Marc has helped a vast array of coaching clients, including:
  • IT professional on workplace management issues and he is now the Director of IT for the entire enterprise
  • Public educator who, as a result, became a Department Chairman in a major school system
  • Prominent surgeon in connection with a medical products company he owned and controlled.
  • Financial executive who is forming a series of investment funds and other entities.
  • Big Law “of counsel” on career issues, and he is now a partner with a global law firm.
  • Accountant with career issues, and he is now occupying a prominent position with a national financial consulting firm.
  • Big Law partner on business development who increased his annual originations from $300,000 to $2 million.
  • Big Law associate on how to become a partner, and she is now a major IP partner at a Global law firm.
  • Big Law Counsel on presentation skills, and he became an excellent presenter.
  • Senior associate at a small law firm on personal rebranding and business development, and she has become a key contributor to her firm.
  • CEO of an advertising and printing business on leadership and management.
  •  64-year-old Big Law senior partner on retirement planning and succession.
  • A small boutique law firm on rebranding to expand its business.
  • Junior accountant on setting up her own business and becoming a Certified Financial Planner.
  • Big Law senior associate on personal branding and establishing his own law firm elsewhere in the US.
  • Big Law counsel on business development, resulting in a significant increase in business originations.
  • Big Law partner with leadership and management issues, enabling her to become a highly recognized and compensated equity partner.
  • Designed a Law Firm Succession Plan for a well-known knowledge transfer company.
  • Quito, Ecuador law firm on business development and combination strategy.
  • Biotech company with a new 3D printing technology on business development.
  • Two partners from a New York Big Law firm on presentation skills and meeting management.
  • Sales manager on career advancement within the industry.
  • Big Law partner on best practices for law firm leadership and management.
  • CEO of an international cosmetics company on presentation skills.
Executive Coach Marc Friedman, NYC, New York, New Jersey
I have become a much more effective Leader and Manager as a result of Marc's coaching and insights drawn from his experiences. I really appreciate his coaching style and the highly personalized sessions that we have. I know he really cares about me. It is also helpful to have someone outside my firm who I can confide in and who can guide me on issues I am experiencing in my office. I look forward to a long relationship with him.

Carlos B.

Los Angeles

Marc is a terrific coach. He helped me with career issues and I am now a partner in a fine law firm. Using his Green Sheet method I have significantly increased my business originations which continue to grow. I would not be where I am today without Marc's personalized and hands-on coaching and guidance. But Marc has been more than a coach; he is a great mentor and friend. His breadth of professional and coaching experience is very special. I highly recommend Marc for anyone who needs coaching or mentoring.

Eitan H.

North Carolina

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